The Best One Ingredient Treats for your Pet

Here at Lisa’s Pet Care  we believe in natural homemade meals and treats for our pets. A lot of the time, we are tempted to buy store made treats because of the way they are marketed to pets. These expenses can add up and not be as beneficial as you may think for your pet.

I have experience with an english bulldog and for those of you who can relate you know that they will just swallow any treat you give them with out taste. For this breed specifically, what I found helped as a excited treat were ice cubes! Yes ice cubes. I know it seems strange but my guy loved it! Depending on the breed and size of your pet make sure to give small pieces starting out.

Below I have listed the best go to treats for your pet. Most of these you may already have lying around in your house and they are ones you and your pet can share together. Please remember that these listed below are treats and should only be given to your dog in moderation.

#1 Peanut Butter

This is a favourite among dog especially. Just the sound of opening the jar will get your dog running to you. I feed my dogs the natural peanut butter with no additives or preservatives (and the crunchy one). This treat is great for rewarding good behaviour and if your pet needs to take any medication they are refusing – coat the pill in peanut butter. They won’t even know it’s there.
*some animals may be allergic. Know your pet before feeding large amounts.

#2 Plain Chicken, Beef Strips, or Salmon Skin 

If you’re making dinner, take some beef of chicken aside and boil it without season for you pet. I usually do this and then cut it into little strips. Seal it in a baggies and keep refrigerated. For Salmon Skin I let it fry and then store the same way. Salmon skin is great for maintaining the soft silky fur of your pet.

#3 Carrots

This is a classic treat if your pet is a bunny – however, I found these to be extremely useful for puppies who like to chew on everything! I tried to give my puppy bones from the Pet Store but he would eat them so fast and vomit later. One day I tried the carrot. Not only did my dog love it, it kept him busy enough for me to make dinner. It’s important to watch the amount of carrot to feed your dog. I use the carrot as a replacement to the Bone Chews you find in the pet store. Perfect to keep them busy on car rides and etc.



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