Do’s and Don’t of Bathing Your Pet

Most of you reading this right now probably have a pet that is house trained and spends majority of their time hanging out on your lap. However, when you pet does head outside for an adventure they can come back with a gross smell and muddy paws. Solution: Bath time! But bathing your furry friend is not the same as you and I. Below are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts of bathing your pet.


#1 Don’t Bathe too Frequently

Keep track of the amount of times you send your pet to the bath. Bathing too often can lead to dryness while also removing the pet’s natural oils and protection against allergens and bacteria

#2 Know Your Product

Sometimes it may be tempting to use the Dawn dish soap on your pet because of the saving the wildlife commercials you see on TV. Please try to avoid this as it is not good for regular washing of your pet. Use dog products on dogs and cat products on cats. Please do not mix the two

#3 Don’t Use Hair Dryers Designed for Humans

The heat from hair dryers can cause itchy and dry skin for your pet, and could burn their sensitive skin. Towel dry them well and allow them to air dry indoors until they’re completely dry so your pet isn’t susceptible to chills.


Try to follow these great tips when bathing you pet.. and remember to let them have fun and get muddy. Often times a simple water rinse after playtime will remove the muddy mess.




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