Tips for Potty Training Your Pet

When you welcome a new dog into your home (old or young) training them is the first step – next to cuddles on the couch of course. One of the most difficult things new owners are faced with is not trying to get their dog to sit but to potty train them properly. Below we have outline the top key things to help get you started.


#1 Stick to a Potty Spot

First you must decide if you want your dog to go outside or inside, on a pee pad. If you have a yard, you can direct him to a location that is close to the door. It is important to keep this consistent as dogs can smell their territory


#2  Learn the Signs of Needing to Go

Once location is secured, it’s time to pay attention to your dog and see how they behave when they have to. Each dog is different and overtime you will learn how their body language speaks to you. For now, pay attention to the following which is usually common on most dogs:

  • Smelling their rear
  • Pacing in circles
  • Barking or scratching at the door
  • Sniffing the floor
  • Squatting.

#3 Make Meal Time the Same Time

Remember how we mentioned consistency? Scheduling your dogs meals gives them a senes of what time it is and what is likely to follow – potty time!


#4 Praise Helps

One of the key things when training your dog is positive reinforcement. Rewarding your dog every time they go in the correct spot will encourage them to continue this behaviour. It’s important to make sure he knows you appreciate his efforts to do things the right way. Remember training a new dog that as entered your home takes teamwork.



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