Tips to safely travel with your dog in the car

I know most of us pet owners who travel with our dogs, stick them in the backseat of our cars hoping for the best. We try to make them sit still or even drive carefully to avoid any injuries that may happen. But that’s not the best solution to keep your dog safe. I know I worry about the safety of my one-year old lab when he’s alone in the back seat. I also worry about how anxious he’s going to get throughout the duration of the ride. There are so many unpredictable things that can happen on the road so I’m here to give you some helpful tips to safely travel with your dog.  

Some tips that I have found to be helpful include:

#1. Prepare your dog for the long trip

         You know your dog better than anyone else, its essential to prepare your dog for your upcoming trip. I recommend taking them in the car throughout the week, so they become familiar with the idea that the car is a comfortable place. This will help to lower their anxiety making the ride more comfortable for everyone. I also recommend making a schedule of where you’re going to stop to allow both you and your dog to get some fresh air.

#2. Prepare a pet friendly travel kit that can help you and your dog.

         A pet friendly travel is essential on a long road trip. I would make sure to pack some snacks, water, toys, a leash anything that you know your dog may need during the ride. This can help you avoid unnecessary stops along the way and can make the environment of the car more comfortable.

#3. Keep your pets safe and secure. Crate, career secured in the backseat.

         A big part of traveling with your pet is ensuring that they are safe and secure. Make a specific place for your pet, in their crate or in a carrier that can be attached to the seat. This can help to avoid any injuries that may happen when you are traveling with a dog that can never sit still. I know when I used a detachable carrier for my pup it helped him to relax in the seat and it helped ease my mind that he was safe.

#4. Make sure you never leave your dog alone in a parked car or unattended

         PARKED cars and dogs do not mix. You should never leave your dog unattended in a hot car it is extremely dangerous and can cause irreversible damage. Make sure when you leave the car, your dog is always let out with you. Always remember a big part of the trip is getting there safety.

Remember some of these tips and I know you and your pup will enjoy the ride!

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