Everything you need to know before becoming a dog owner

By Michael Ke, Edited by Paula Lacsena

Have you ever considered becoming a dog owner? Maybe as a child you asked for a dog but ended up with a goldfish instead because it requires less responsibility. If you want to adopt or purchase a dog now as an adult, you need to be aware of the numerous responsibilities that comes with it. You don’t want to be impulsive with your decision as it often will result with the dog being placed in the hands of another person or shelter.

Here are some helpful tips and advice to consider before owning a dog:

1) Take an allergy test
Every breed has a distinct characteristic that has the potential to trigger an allergy such as their dander, oil, or glands; this is why it’s important to visit a doctor for an allergy test prior to purchasing or adopting a dog. You don’t want to be stuck with a dog that will have you sneezing every time you’re in contact with them! 

2) Know your compatibility with the dog
All dog breeds have different temperaments. For instance, Pomeranian’s are incredibly hyper and energetic, meaning they require a lot of attention and play. Shiba Inu’s, on the other hand, are  generally more independent and distant, albeit energetic and attentive toward their owner. So, if you have a busy personal life and you’re constantly on the go, then it’s best that you adopt a dog that’s well-suited for your schedule. 

3) Consider the size of your home 
As with any new pet, your dog should have an appropriate home to match their needs and temperament. Large dogs require spacious homes, while smaller dogs can adapt to smaller homes like apartments as larger spaces can be too overwhelming for them. If your dog has the tendency to chew, then you should also consider dog-proofing your home; it might sound tedious, but you don’t want your furniture to end up like a chew toy!

4) Give your dog love, patience, and time.
Owning a dog is like becoming a parent; they’re learning and experiencing new things just as you are. Even with training, you shouldn’t expect them to obey you right off the bat. This is why it’s important to invest a lot of time into your dog  and manage every challenge that you may come across. Take it day-by-day and give them endless love, affection, and patience. You’ll become a pro in no time.

Are you ready to adopt now?

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