Tips & tricks for getting your pet the best care

By Austin Jackson, Edited by Rachel Petersen

We’ve all been there before, whether it’s your first time with your pet or your tenth time, it’s always the same. You walk into the veterinary office with your pet and they start to panic, leading you to panic in an attempt to calm them down. Now, everyone is panicking. By the end of your visit, you’re ready to run out of there from the drama and the bill — and your pet is right behind you.

Caring for your little buddy is a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple tricks to veterinarian visits that you can follow to streamline this otherwise stressful (and expensive) process.

  1. Act normal

Don’t make a big deal out of going to the vet or any place where your pet may feel uncomfortable. They can sense these emotions and will start feeling anxious, making the trip more difficult than it needs to be. Your pet will rely on your cues to feel calm and safe.

  1. Consider the location of your veterinarian

The accessibility of your vet can be an issue depending on where you live. If you live somewhere rural, it may be more difficult to find vets nearby than if you live somewhere more urban. When researching your vet, consider going to the one closest to you as this will be helpful in the event of an emergency. If there are no veterinary offices nearby, research vets that make house visits.

  1. Look for expensive products online

Most veterinary offices will offer a variety of products in their waiting room such as special foods, toys or treats. You can sometimes find a place with lower prices, but with low prices usually comes low quality. To combat this you can almost always get pet products cheaper online. Ask your vet for your pet’s prescription and you can look online or at nearby pharmacies to get it filled for less. Take your vet’s advice on what products to buy for your pet and search online for the best deal.

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