Did you know your pet could have anxiety?

By Angel Oswald, Edited by Paula Lacsena

    Anxiety within your beloved pet is actually more common than you would think. Let’s think about this situation for a moment: If someone you loved and depended on left your side for a longer amount of time than you were used to, wouldn’t you feel anxious? This exact emotion can be felt by your pet as well. Having someone visit, walk, play with, and feed your pet while you’re away is an effective way to improve your pet’s overall health.

            I have seen numerous cases of animals who have struggled with separation anxiety in my experiences working at multiple veterinary hospitals. Unfortunately, as a result of their anxiety, many pets have passed away quite early due to their high stress levels; however, this doesn’t have to be the case for your pet! With proper care, you can help to prolong your pet’s life.           

I know that having a trained individual visit your pet while you’re away can help to calm them down when they’re anxious. My dog gets particularly anxious when she’s been alone for longer than four hours. Having a pet-sitter to come by to feed, walk, and give her some company definitely makes her feel happier while she awaits my return.

When you’re absent from your home due to work, school, or a week-long vacation, you’ll be able to keep your mind at ease knowing your pet is safe in the hands of a trusted pet-sitter.   

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