How having a pet can benefit your way of life

By Brianna Sutton, Edited by Rachel Petersen

Having a pet is a blessing. They become your constant companion, your best friend and a part of your family. The benefits of having a pet can be both psychological and physical. Here are a few ways that a pet can benefit your way of life and your overall well being. 


As you may know, pets require regular exercise and so do you. Having a pet as a workout buddy makes it easier and more fun to get out there. Exercising benefits the physical and mental health of us and our pets. Being active becomes routine when you own a pet, even if you’re doing something as small as playing with them. Their health requires that you both take on an active lifestyle.

Mental health

Having a pet in your life can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Your pet can have a real psychological impact on your body and can ease distressing symptoms. Pets also provide companionship and help with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Pets give owners a good sense of security and belonging. Overall pets can improve your overall mood and brighten your day.

Unconditional love & bond

The connection created between humans and their animals is very strong. When you have a pet, they become a very important part of your life and you create a bond. Your pet becomes your best friend and companion. Pets provide us with emotional support that is very different from humans because they only listen and they never judge. Pets provide us with unconditional love and support.

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