The FASH 4500/BUS 2504 class collaborated with a small team of talented students during the Fall 2018 semester on developing a website for Lisa’s business. We would like to thank the following Humber students for their contribution:

  • Class of FASH4500/BUS2504 Fall 2018
  • Jacqueline Simpson: graphic design
  • Amanda Rice: WordPress, blogging & social media
  • Spencer Fu: photography

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Photo Credits:

Gardie Design & Social Media Marketing

unsplash-logoNICOLAS TESSARI

unsplash-logoNICOLAS TESSARI

unsplash-logoKrista Mangulsone

unsplash-logoLaura Johnston

unsplash-logoDavid Beatz

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unsplash-logoJiawei Chen

unsplash-logoBerkay Gumustekin

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