Common pet food myths debunked

By Aniza Galbete, Edited by Rachel Petersen

What’s really good for your pet’s health? There are several common misconceptions that new pet owners who don’t know a lot about pet nutrition make. Below, you will see pet nutrition myths debunked and explained with facts on how to get you started on properly feeding your pet.

Myth: You have to feed your pet a raw diet.

Fact: Feeding your pet a raw diet can be great for them but it’s also not always necessary. Commercial pet foods are manufactured to provide basic nutrition to your pet and will not negatively impact their health. However, if you’re able to feed your pet a raw diet, there are many associated benefits such as improved energy and cleaner teeth.

Do your research before beginning this transition to make sure you are feeding your pet what they need.

Myth: You must feed your pet appropriate life stage diets to ensure proper growth.

Fact: The life stage formula diets, such as canned pet foods, are a manufacturer invention to sell more pet food. There is a greater need to feed young pets more compared to senior pets but a specially formulated diet is not needed.

Myth: Homemade pet food is healthier and cheaper than commercial store-bought products.

Fact: Homemade pet food takes a considerable amount of time and energy to make. Additionally, acquiring the proper ingredients to make your pet food is equally difficult as most pet stores are not equipped with the proper ingredients. Therefore, there’s still a chance that the homemade pet food won’t contain all the needed nutrients your pet needs daily.

Myth: It’s fine to feed your pet human food.

Fact: Feeding your pet any human food that’s outside of their regular diet can lead to vomiting, diarrhea and in worse cases severe health problems such as pancreatitis, which is caused by high-fat content foods.

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